A really good day

I don’t want to explain my work again today, it’s every day the same, I go there, do some programming tasks and then I go home. But today I went to the centre of London after work for some sightseeing. I also used the train for first time to go in the centre. I used once the train but not in this area because it’s very expensive.
It was something completely new. In front of the train doors were other doors to prevent falling on the rails. The doors opened only when the train was there. In Berlin you have to look where the train door will be but here you already know it.

Then I just walked around in the city and i benefited from the good weather today. The weather forecast predicted rain in the weekend.
After such a week, without much unhealthy food, I bought some sweets which I never saw in Germany. So I was also able to learn new things, not just sights but also new sweets. They use a lot of sugar in their sweets that’s why I think they were very delicious. In supermarkets everything with more sugar is cheaper and healthy things are more expensive. As long as I don’t buy such things everyday or every week everything will be alright for me.

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