Let’s prepare and try to keep calm.

My work was as always, I programmed and continued on my projects. I also got an answer about my yesterday’s problem (being registered into 2 internships). My teacher told me to ignore the second one.
During my breaks and in every free minute I did some preparation tests for the Cisco Certified Network Security. I already have been preparing myself for this exam over one month and this week I just had good runs when I tried the questions. Like today, I had just one mistake from 230 questions. Today I decided to try because in the preparation exam’s I know a lot of stuff and I already watched a whole youtube course about this topic. While registering for the exam, everything was fine.

Later when I entered my credit card number I was a bit nervous and when I submitted everything I was totally shaking. My exam date is tomorrow. During the week they are opened until around 2pm but that isn’t possible because of my work. I also don’t have to prepare anymore that’s why I set the appointment tomorrow.
Now I just try to calm down a bit and hope that I will pass tomorrow.

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