On the Trail of Jack The Ripper

This Saturday was quite eventful after waking up the first thing I did was to put my laundry in the washing machine and whilst my laundry was being washed I googled what to do today and I decided to book myself a Jack the Ripper walking tour for 7:30 PM which cost me 12,50£.

When my laundry was finished I made my way to the London Bridge from where I walked to the Borough Market which is just five minutes from there.

After going around the market and having looked at what food there is I decided to get myself a wrap filled with Herdwick lamb, couscous, salad and some sauce which was really delicious and I wasn’t hungry all day long after having eaten it.

Next I went to the Millennium Bridge which I and probably most other people know from one of the Harry Potter movie series. Right next to the bridge there is the „Tate Modern“ which an art gallery for modern art which everybody can visit for free.

And so I did. I went into the gallery and been there for like one and half hours. At some points it was really weird and even a bit spooky but overall pretty interesting.

From the Tate I took a walk to the next Tesco where I got myself a „Tyskie“ which is a Polish beer. I sat down at the Thames next to the Tower Bridge.

When I had finished my beer I walked over the bridge to the Whitechapel Gallery where the Jack the Ripper tour started.
Because on that particular day there were so many people participating in the tour we were split up in three groups.

The tour was really cool. I learned some things and I saw some places I probably wouldn’t have seen if I didn’t do the tour.

When the tour was over I headed to a pub called The Ten Bells Pub which is often related to Jack the Ripper because all of his victims were there at some point in time to get a drink. Inside the pub I got myself a Source IPA.

After I emptied my beer I walked to the Liverpool St station where I wanted to go to McDonald’s and sit down for a moment but unfortunately it was a take-away only restaurant.

So I googled where the next Wetherspoon is and chose the one that was the nearest to the Fabric club and to the hostel where Artin and his friend from Germany that visited him were staying.

I took the bus from the Liverpool St station and it took me just five minutes to this Wetherspoon which was called The Sir John Oldcastle where I waited for like an hour for Artin and his friend to arrive and whilst waiting I had some beers.

When they both arrived we had some more beers but we already had to leave the pub after like 45 minutes because they were closing at 11:30 PM.

After we got out of the pub we went to the Fabric which is a club where they play electronic music. After being thoroughly searched by the security staff the cashier wanted to charge us 27£ to enter the club but we refused to pay such an absurd amount of money just to get into a decent club. In Berlin you would have to pay like 15€ max.

So we all decided to go home. It took me like two hours to get home because there was a traffic jam due to the traffic lights and so I missed my bus and had to take another one that needed an hour to get me home.

On Sunday I didn’t do anything besides watching videos on Youtube.

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