Pile of junk

We also wrote and printed an instruction of how to connect to the new NAS’s virtual machine. By the time, however, the goal for DocuLand is to empty its content more and more so that it gets obsolete. Because all new files shall be saved in our network shared directories and drives.
The printer was checked for the option to change the IP address settings. However, via the printer’s screen and the web user interface we could find network settings on the one hand but no IP address settings on the other hand. Furthermore, we created an instruction of how to connect to the old NAS for clean-up (for non-domain users). I talked to Louis because I got the feeling that configuring the option for users to receive messages on their desktop does not work. When Louis had a look too he agreed with me. Even for their own folders we could not find a solution. So, currently we cannot offer that service to the employees. At some time we might find a solution for that issue. To the documentation we added an article of how to create a user template in Active Directory. Because we created user templates on the server before. We defined different templates based on different areas of responsibility or departments. At the end, I had a conversation with Louis which was very interesting for me. I learned that graphical processing units (GPUs) can also be used for capacity which does not have anything to do with graphics actually. On our way to and on the underground we talked and thought about London’s public transport and train related topics: For example, Oyster tariff and that the monthly package is less sensible if you go only the way to and back work. Another topic was rails and the different kinds of life rails with a comparison to Berlin.
At home I got to speak my new host Brother my first time. Antonin is from France and he is here for three weeks. He likes to running too and thinks of taking part of a running marathon in two 2021. For next year his plan is to take part of at least a small one. So far, my impression is that he is a nice and talkative person – like I (want to be). To end our day we had a common dinner of spaghetti with boletus edulis tomato sauce. I am exited to other moments with Antonin.

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