Nothing’s really changing

Well as the title would suggest nothing here is really changing. I still work 9-5 every weekday and the work isn’t exactly exciting. On the weekends we met up again for breakfast at a whetherspoons and we plan on continuing that for the last weeks. Two to three times per week Dustin, Thore, Julius and me go to our local pub (The Prince of Wales) and we started meeting up with people that live a bit further away at a more central pub every Monday, since they have some really good deals on Mondays.

I watched the last episode of Game of Thrones episode yesterday and, without spoiling anything, it turned an already bad season into a complete disaster. It felt like they purposely made the worst possible ending. As I don’t have much to do while at home and my Laptop here doesn’t have any of the games I usually play while I’m at home (apart from Hearthstone, where I reached the highest rank already, if that means anything to anyone), I am currently looking for a new show to watch, but nothing I started really interested me that much. I might just end up re watching the early Game of Thrones seasons when everything was still amazing.

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