The wire fight

After our lunch at a pub which we where invited to by our chief we did a special thing for me. Or let’s at least say something of contrast: Upstairs we had already placed one access point and made sure that it works successfully. It is temporarily lying on a bookshelf where it disturbs nobody. But the second one for downstairs had not been provided similar conditions yet. In the room where we wanted to install there is no shelf at all but only staples of boxes. So the need of providing necessary conditions for installation was beyond all question for us. We intended to install the access point on the ceiling of the room so that its signal is also receivable from both the furthest rooms. As soon as we had found installation patch cable we ran out as much cable as there was needed. We placed it similar to our idea of final state beginning at the access point’s point itself. On the other side in the server room Louis pulled as much cable as necessary to reach the main switch. Our next step was to crimp the cable on the access point’s side and fix it at the patch panel on its other side. Crimping in terms of networking cable means to fix a plug at one or both cable’s end. The cables are unshielded so around the bundle of eight wires there is only man-made material protection. There is no protection against e.g. electromagnetic interference or crosstalk caused by neighbouring cables. The only protection of the wires is that they are twisted. This prevents disturbance by other wires of the same cable. On the devices‘ site we crimped an RJ45 plug each and on the other side I connected to the patch panel. Because there is no patch panel Instrument I needed to do it with a butter knife from the kitchen. It was quite involved to fix the cables to the backside of the patch panel because around it is not much space. Later, I thought of placing my mobile on the panel with its flash light turned on and it became way easier. Once, the knife slipped, my right hand nudged against the panel and my index finger was grazed. Some other time I breathed out too much so that dust on the switch was raised and I must caugh. When I was finish the access point notified to be connected. The only issue was that there were only 100 Megabit per second of bandwidth. I was convinced improperly fixed wires at the patch panel are the problem. So, I squeezed my head and shoulders into the network cupboard again and indeed: There were two to three loose wires. After I had pushed pressed them into the poles stronger it was 1000 Mb/s.
We connected one PC with the Junk Pile NAS network folder which is the new NAS directory to where we transfer all the files from the physical NAS to. On the reception PC it did not work because of a block by Kaspersky which we could not deactivate. Later, we initiated the transfer of the files from the physical NAS to the NAS VM (Junk Pile). The goal for Junk Pile is to reduce content constantly so that it will be empty at some time completely. However, probably that will not happen.
I remained at DocuLand until 7 and when I came home I ate much muesli so that I did not have normal dinner.
When I prepared myself for bed Pascal talked to me: Accoding to him Louis and he stayed at the company until 9 pm. because our NAS data transfer took so long. And it seemed to have reached a progress of only 3 % when they left. As he told me further, there was a font folder of up to 30.000 different fonts.
He will come at 1 in the afternoon because of their extension.
Today I learned the following words: Steinpilz – boletus edulis | Zuständigkeit – competence | Zuständigkeitsbereich – area of responsibility .

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