Building Tables

So Yesterday me and Adria basically finished cleaning out the room. After we were done carrying everything but the tables out my boss told me to use Groupcall to extract some data we were missing about attendance from schools.

It sounds a lot more exciting than it is. I basically have an excel sheet with all the information we are missing, copy the id of the student whose data we are missing, choose the data and hit update. It is fairly time consuming and prone to errors.

While I was doing that, Adria had to deconstruct the tables in the room. Basically  just screwing the legs off. As he was finishing the last table I was done with Groupcall and helped him carry them downstairs. I thought we would do the cabling at this point, but instead our boss told us to get the new tables from downstairs and put them in the room. Two of them were already complete and we just had to bring them up, but the other six we brought up were just the tabletops and today we will have to screw the legs of the other tables onto the new tops.

The most exciting thing that happened that day was that when I was trying to get back from lunch my way was blocked. You see, to get to the closest shop I have to cross a small bridge over a canal, but as I was going back the bridge was being raised and I had no other choice but wait there until the boat passed through and the bridge was lowered again.

Today marks the start of another long weekend and from tomorrow it is officially only two more weeks in London and I have to admit I am very much looking forward to getting out of here and back to Berlin.

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