„We’re in the Endgame Now“

Yesterday we went to the Movie House located in Dublin Road. We decided to go that day, because every tuesday any movie just costs 3,50 pounds, which is incredible. Some of us are big fans of the Marvel-movies. So we really wanted to watch the shortly released film „Avengers: Endgame“ which is the final showdown of a long leading up movie series (21 so far).

So even if we are in Belfast, we couldn’t miss that. The Cinema itself was really nice even if the screen was pretty high up. The prices for food were comparable to german cinemas, even a bit cheaper. I really enjoyed the movie and was suprised how involved people were. They clapped, they shouted and they laughed. This was the first full movie that I didn’t watched in german translation. Even though some sentences were hard to hear (especially when whispering) the film was surprisingly easy to understand in english.
What really shocked me was to see how the cinema was left when the movie ended. Everybody just threw their stuff on the ground. In Germany that is a thing too but not in that extent.

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