Happy Birthday!

Today at work I started with installing my program on their virtual machine. After some testing I finished and figured out, that all was working great. After this I had to do a presentation about my project, they were quite satisfied with my work. The next thing was that I got an introduction about my next project. About this I have to create some word documents, which must get filled by the parents of the students and then I have to create a program which will read and check out the data and if everything is valid, if not an email will be sent with a notification and similar stuff.

While I was creating the document suddenly I noticed that half of the people in the office got up and waited in front of one door, they asked everyone to join them and one of them also had a cake in their hand. Then they opened the door and started singing the happy birthday song to a colleague. In my opinion it was great that they did such a surprise all together and the guy whose birthday was today, got very emotional.

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