Hey, there is something…

Today I start writing my blog, directly from my workplace. I got some instructions about my new project, and I did some researches while waiting for my credentials to login on the website. Unfortunately one of the colleagues was all the day busy and he couldn’t give me the login details, so I kept myself busy doing researches.

After I found some api documentation and api examples I showed them to my other colleague. He had no other idea’s what I could do, so I decided to learn a bit for the certificates that I’m planning to do.
I also talked with my colleague about my break, usually I have lunch break for 1 hour, which is way too much for me, but we came up with a solution that I could go home 30 minutes earlier and do just a 30 minutes break. This solution in my opinion is the best for both parts.
When I went home I found in the bus an oyster card, that is the bus ticket here in London and they usually are very expensive. I did some researches on my phone where could I return this card and I didn’t really find what I was looking for so I just asked the bus driver. He got the card so no one else could use it. Fun fact: You can combine your credit card with the bus ticket, but when someone would find such a card they could benefit from it.

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