some busy days

The last two days were quite busy at South London Repair. But what exactly happened?

Well, yesterday was the first Monday in May. This is usually a holiday, but the shop I’m working for deciding to open on this day, so I got to work. To my surprise there were some people coming into the shop. One of the customers needed help with his router configuration, which was a nice diversity.

Today, I disassembled some televisions. We had a meeting with a customer at around 3 o’clock. I went there with another person, who works there from time to time to learn some stuff. We did not really know too much about the problem they had. We only were told, that one of the tablets isn’t connected to the computer. After a few minutes, we were able to solve this problem. The customer also wanted to activate the wifi on one of his router. This isn’t a hard task to do, but we got some password issues.

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