Another long weekend

Not much happened at work these past few days, mostly just getting computers ready to go and fixing any issues that come up in an office, like printers or headsets not working.

The weekend was very enjoyable however. I’m not quite sure why exactly the british have random bank holidays sometimes, but it worked out really nicely for me this week, since it fell onto my birthday, so I got to celebrate properly. Me, Thore and Dustin decided drinking on the monday was a bit much so instead we celebrated the night leading up to monday and quite a bit into monday. After some much needed sleep me and Thore went for some breakfast the next day without Dustin, who was still recovering from the night before. Nothing better than a nice large english breakfast to start your day with.

Other than that I mostly used the weekend to relax at home and catch up on some series, only going out for lunch and to the pub on Friday. It does mean my back is starting to hurt a bit since our small room here doesn’t have chairs or a table so I’m only lying down in my bed. Next weekend we have a reservation at a place called sky garden, so that should be fun.

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