On Friday we went out for a CCTV installation So what happened ?

Well, first of all, what is CCTV ?

Many people may heared or seen, that there are many security cameras in London. CCTV is just a different name for the security cameras. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. ‚Closed Circuit‘ means as much as the camera sends the pictures to a limeted amount of end devices.

On Friday we went out to a customer for a CCTV installation. It is pretty common to have their own CCTV system at home. The plan was to install 2 cameras, one which watches the backyard and one to record the entrance.

We had some trouble with the installation. The wall where we wanted to install the first camera was a pretty uneven wall. The cameras and cable also had to be installed very high on the house, so that a potential robber could not reach it. Fortunately, the second camera was much easier to install.

But we faced another problem pretty soon. We needed to drill a hole through the wall, because the cable from the camera needed to get to the receiver inside the house.  Drilling a hole in that wall brought our drill to their limits. It took us around half an hour to drill that hole.

But we successfully installed the CCTV system for our customer.

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