Tickets for today

I woke up at 8:45-8:50. The first thing I did was to have a look for a theatre play for today’s evening. I looked at a website which is well known for good recommendations and hence often helpful. However, I spent one and a half hours searching, finding recommendations – once even cheap and… was disappointed. I was not too far away from giving up when I got the idea to have a look at the search engine for theatre london today. Of course, there were many results but one of it reminded me of another time when I heard somebody saying it is a good platform. It is also well known for good recommendations – especially in London. Looking for the right filters I found a theatre which’ description looked nice. What is more, it was rated very well. I asked a new acquaintance whether he would join me to this theatre play. There were still a few seats of cheapest class available where prices were really fair. And in deed, after thinking for a short while he accepted.

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