Meeting with our instructor

Every year the AFIB sends its trainees to the United Kingdom to take part in an internship abroad and every year, approximately halfway through the internship, it is tradition that the training management pays the trainees a visit.

After Mrs Banach, Mr Bavar and Mr Gierschner had visited the other half of our apprenticeship year in London on Monday, it was now our turn. The Agency kindly prepared a timetable in advance, so that each of us had a talk/meeting with our supervisors and the 3 of them at his place of work. The purpose of those meetings was to get a rough overview of how things are going in the different work placements and whether there are problems or worries.

After the talk we were invited by Mr.Bavar to meet at the „Dirty Onion“ Pub to have some drinks and to talk some more about our stay here in Belfast. Since the departure was already planned for the next morning, Mrs Banach, Mr Bavar and Mr Gierschner wished us a nice stay and said goodbye on the same evening and we took the opportunity and went to eat something delicious for dinner.


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