Meeting with our apprenticeship leader

Meeting with our apprenticeship leader
Today, I went as usual to my workplace. I continued with my project from the last week and meanwhile when I was programming, a colleague told me that my teachers were here. I followed him to a meeting room. In the meeting room were Mrs Banach, Mr Gierschner and Mr Bavar. We had a talk about my workplace and about the current situation.

After this, we planned a meeting for the evening that we should include everyone from our apprenticeship year. When we finished all, I continued with my work. This small conversation wasn’t a problem for my colleagues, when it goes the time topic they are very polite. The results are important.
Later I went near to the meeting point, but unfortunately I was around 2 hours too early so I went to the Themse and enjoyed there the beautiful view and got some amazing pictures for my gallery. After resting and enjoying the nature I went to the restaurant. In the restaurant, some of us had a little snack and we all enjoyed some cold drinks/milkshakes.
All together we could give feedbacks about our experience so far. Some things are great till now, like no one got serious troubles or something, but in the other side some people got problems with their host families. Of course you can’t expect when having 15 students that everything is going great all the time.
All in all, an excellent day together!
After the meeting I just went home, did my daily workout and after this I just fell asleep.

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