My workplace at the Twin School

My day was as usual, nothing special today. So I decided to tell you something about my workplace.
My workplace is like all the other places here, there is only one difference. The other employes got 2 monitors and I got one. Only one monitor isn’t the best solution for programming, but for 2 month I think it’s okay.
My computer is also very “simple” for normal task, but for programming not the best. I got 4 Gigabyte of RAM and an Intel i5 processor.

When I was installing my computer (using the old way, with disk) my colleague told me directly that I would get admin permissions. Normally all of the computers don’t have admin permissions, but being developer you need many tools which are not pre-installed. They install precisely a clean image with one visual basic script which mounts all network drives.
The worst thing, in my opinion, is the keyboard. I have writing mistakes so often because of the english layout… Of course I just can swap to the german one but I want to train my writing skills on the english one. Now after 2 weeks I got better and now I have problems sometimes to type on my notebook because I am to the the german layout…

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