Another week in London

This week wasn’t too different from the last ones. Nothing really changed at work, I’m still mostly providing IT support, but now I am also quality checking the company website.

On Saturday our group of 4 went for breakfast at a wetherspoons, which is basically a pub that serves breakfast in the morning. I got myself a nice large english breakfast and we decided to do that for the remaining saturdays as well since it was really nice to eat a proper breakfast.

On Sunday we went to London Sky Garden, a public garden in a skyscraper that also has some restaurants. The view was amazing and we had a couple of drinks while enjoying it.

On Monday our Trainers flew to London to check up on us. They stopped by my work before lunch to see what my work was like and in the afternoon we all met as a group at an honest burgers (burger chain restaurant). Afterwards me and a couple of friends went for a few drinks.

I’ll probably start writing a lot more blog entries from here on, though they won’t always focus on what I’ve done specifically since the last blog entry, but rather some more details on work, the host family or the situation here in general.

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