An expensive photo

Today I started my day with a good breakfast. Afterwards I went directly out to catch my bus. Today I had my Cisco Certified Network Security exam. It took me around 1 hour to get there. As I arrived there I had to sign a lot of documents that I had no cheating intentions and such things. Later I also had to do a body check. When I did CCNA in Berlin I just had a quick check, but this time it was a full one. I had to empty my pockets and they also took a look at my back pockets. They checked my legs and my glasses too. They checked like 2 minutes through my glasses until they were sure that they just normal glasses and not something special.

Then I entered the testing room and the other guys were doing other certificates there. When I started with the questions I got very difficult ones that I didn’t know and I got very nervous. After around 20 questions I got the practical part which was the easiest part for me, was simple and fast to solve. The other questions I got were very hard and sometimes I didn’t know what they meant because I didn’t know the Cisco devices used.
After the exam I had to do a survey about the exam but I didn’t see me result. Maybe I just over read it but I couldn’t see it, then the window was closed already.
When I went out I got my result on a paper. As expected, I failed. At least I got a paper with my picture and with the score.300€… a bit expensive.
I still want to do this certification but I know now what they want from me and what I have to learn more. For now I will continue learning and retake it in some months again!

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