A run

I like jogging. But the first time I made it here in London was on Sunday. I planned my route with the app Komoot. I use the app also for biking and hiking and I can highly recommend it. With the app Runkeeper I tracked my run. It tells you the progress during your walk in accordance with a defined interval of distance or time. I started at my host family’s home, crossed a park and went to Gallions Hill to have a nice view. This turned out to be quite complicated: The route I was running turned out to include a private ground. So I needed to run a bit back and take a longer way to circumvent the ground. The only way to go there was running next to an expressway to reach the place I wanted to go to. The view from the hill was 360 degrees and amazing. I continued to the Thames’s bank and ran a nice way along the river. Surprisingly, there were anglers at the river and I had a nice conversation with one. Finally, I went to Southmere Lake where I had a soft ice cream. From there, it took me only ten minutes back home. Accoreding to the Runkeeper app, I ran 15 kilometers. It has been a nice day so far and I want to repeat a run as soon as possible.

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