The problem with the shoe shops

This weekend I tried to get a fitting pair of shoes, again.
My current shoes are starting to fall apart although they are not that old, but all the clothing stores and shoe shops I’ve been to so far do not have my size in stock or available at all.
I have a similar problem in Germany, its just not this bad.

After I tried three different stores today, I came home, slightly frustrated.
In front of the house where I’m staying was a car with its hazard lights on, standing in the leftmost lane. As this is a common sight in Berlin I thought nothing of it, until I heard the man trying again and again to start the engine.
I walked over to him and (as it was a very small car) offered to push him out of the lane of the busy road. It is an A-road after all.
He agreed, but did not turn into the driveway, after asking why he told me he thought I meant the car workshop up the road.

So, after clearing that up I pushed him there (again, it was a very small car).
He thanked me and jokingly said: „Saved you the trip to gym, haven’t I?“.

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