An average day

So this will be my first blog entry not describing what happened in the days prior to this entry and it won’t be the last, as I have quite some entries to catch up on. For this one I’m going to tell you what an average day here looks like for me.

I first wake up around 7 o’clock when Julius is getting ready. He has to leave the house quite a bit before me so usually I notice and wake up. My first alarm rings at 7:35, but I usually just turn that one off and get up with my second alarm at 7:45. I get ready and leave the house. I typically don’t eat breakfast at home, occasionally I have some snacks at the office I can eat.

I leave the house at around 8:05 and take the bus that stops basically directly in front of our house. Usually the route it takes to the train station takes about 8 minutes, but a lot of times in the morning there is a lot of traffic between the train station and the station before, so much in fact that it is considerably faster to walk the 6-7 minutes between the stops, which I have to do in case I’m running a bit late as not to miss my train. I take the train at 8:24 towards London and get off about 13 minutes later to switch to the DLR, essentially the same as the S-Bahn in Berlin. Take that one for another 15 minutes during which it goes through a tunnel under the Thames, and then I walk 5 minutes to work, arriving right on time for work.

At work I do whatever I’m told until 13 o’clock, when I usually take my hour lunch. I used to meet up with Dustin since he worked in the same building as me, but for about a week now I take my lunch alone, going either to the Tesco around the corner or to one of the multiple fast food restaurants in the area with my most frequented one being the subway that’s about a five minute walk. I then finish work at five and take the same route back home.

I’m usually the last to leave home and the first to arrive again, since I save a lot of time by going by train. If i were to take the much cheaper alternative of the bus, it would take me two hours to get to work, so instead I pay quite a bit more to save about 2 1/2 hours every day.

Once I’m home I take of the shirt that I have to wear and switch into more casual clothes, as I’m not really the type of person that enjoys wearing shirts, but I am the only one in the group that has to always wear one to work. I then lie in bed with my laptop in my lap since we have no chair or table in the room to use and either watch some videos or surf the web. Julius gets home around half an hour after me and shortly after that we get dinner. After dinner we either go to the pub or just keep using the laptops for whatever.

I usually go bed between 11 and 12, which is unfortunate for Julius because he tends to sleep earlier than that, but since my bed squeaks extremely loudly at even the slightest hint of movement I usually end up waking him up again before I go to sleep.

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