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This morning I was good in time so I could go to our train station Abbey Wood without any rush. On the train I prepared another blog entry. On my way to cafe Hilliard I called my former host mother in Cambridge: It was about my visit next week. I am looking forward to seeing the whole family a lot since they are so lovely. After my breakfast I called my grandmother to hear of how my grandparents are doing and to tell her a bit about my situation in London. Actually they aimed to visit me in London with my mother and my sister soon. But it turned out that due to a little injury it would not be possible probably.
At my work placement today I felt quite motivated from the beginning. I started writing an article at our Documentation: How to add a snap-in in Active Directory. Louis told me it should be shortened because we describe further details of what there is inside a snap-in in a corresponding snap-in. Snap-ins are categories of configuration which can be done in a windows domain. E.g. you can define settings for all PCs or users of your organization. But you can also refer your settings to a selection of them by referring to an organizational unit (OU) which is basically like a department of a company. Later, the to access points arrived and were given to us by our chief. We tested them by turning them on, connecting them to the network and our VM based controller. Later, together with one employee I got some sacks of old documents to be shredded.

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