Reorganising a room

So these last two days at work I had the task of „reorganising“ the printer room into another schooling room. Reorganising is a bit of a euphemism, essentially we are going to take everything out of the room and once we did that we will probably lay some new cables and then furnish the room with „new“ tables and computers. This task is by no means done yet. Me and Adria, another student Twin sent here this week (he’s from Spain), have been carrying all sorts of things out of the room and trying to find a place in the storage room downstairs to put them. A couple of completely filled shelves, a cupboard and a lot of printers for example. I’d say we are currently about 2/3 of the way done in terms of bringing everything out of the room.

I don’t really enjoy this to be honest, the last few days I felt more like a mover than an IT guy, I barely even touched a computer. Hopefully this changes in the next few days, but it feels like I won’t be working on a computer again until we are done furnishing that room and I have to install the PCs there.

On another note we still have about 10 Trainees each week that work in a pseudo call centre in the „Virtual School Room“. They basically call schools all day to get the attendance data for looked after children for our systems here. We also have three permanent employees and our boss. Occasionally I help some of them if they are having any trouble with their PCs.

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