A day of different work

My Oyster Card had expired. I realized it when I tried to gain access through the gate of our train station. After reloading I had still five minutes of time for taking my train.
At the company, I finished bundling sports T-shirts for a big charity walk, the Lomdon Legal Walk. The company I work for, DocuLand, is the official T-shirts‘ supplier. I made one bundle per order by repacking them to their packages correspondingly. When I was finish I should count how many were unassigned.
Later, I updated the excel table by adding the latest orders. I also updated another table which contains the orders of all the sports T-shirts separately. Because since Friday there came at least several new orders.
For lunch I met a good friend of mine who studies in London. We had some pizza and sat outside chatting. It started raining a bit but we did not care.
Later, an employee introduced me in how to fill data about the amount of T-shirts into the table. For every order I filled the details so the amount of every size ordered by the different organizations. Before, however, I should update the order list on the company’s NAS. In the file system there is a added a folder each order and inside the email needs to be added.
For dinner after a long look at Covent Garden I discovered a nice pasta place from Timeout magazine.
In the evening I went running. The host family’s children Nathan and Miya didn’t want to go with me. Miya said she needed to learn. At the same time I saw a YouTube video paused on her laptop screen. I said ”That seems to be tough learning“ but she did not care. And Antonin was not there yet. So I went alone and left at around ten past nine. I ran around Abbey Wood Park for 10 kolometers and saw at least six foxes.

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